By finding yourself here you’ve already taken your first step towards change.

Therapy is an opportunity to asses the areas of your life that are and are not working. It provides a welcoming and non-judgmental space to gain self-insight, develop new practical every day strategies and to create a greater sense of peace in your life.


  • learn how to better manage worry, stress or anxiety?

  • learn how to overcome negative thoughts, moods, or feelings of guilt?

  • learn how to increase your self-compassion and self-confidence?

  • learn how to have more satisfaction and peace with the relationships in your life?

Do you EVER struggle with:

  • feeling on-edge, irritable or restless?

  • difficulty trusting your own decisions?

  • feeling frequently overwhelmed?

  • focusing on what could go wrong?

  • feeling hopeless, lonely or empty?

Do you ever tell yourself:

  • I'm too...

  • I'm not...enough

  • I should be more like...

If these describe you, but you’re not sure where to start, take the opportunity to meet yourself wherever you’re at right now.

Right now is always a good place to start.