Therapy for Teens

Teenagers have unique needs when it comes to counseling. This time represents a distinct developmental phase based on a need to belong as well as a drive to individuate and can often create feelings of worry, overwhelm and confusion. I welcome teens ages 14-18 to my practice and have a passion for working with this age group. My goal is to help my teen clients make sense of their thoughts and feelings and strengthen their coping skills and sense of self.


Our 20’s and 30’s are a time of many transitions. It can be both an exciting and terrifying experience to carve out your own path. During this time you may be asking yourself if you’re pursuing the right job, right relationship, right friend group etc. My goal is to help you learn how to listen and trust your own voice. When we strengthen our ability to hear our own voice we’re able to make more intentional choices about how we live our lives. My goal is to help my young adult clients develop clarity, self-compassion and confidence about their choices.